Institute Application


80 students will be carefully selected to attend the 2021 Preprofessional Dancer Institute. To be considered, all required application items, along with the non-refundable $95 application-processing fee, must be completed and received no later than April 15th.

Acceptance decisions will be made by no later than May 7.

All selected students will be required to make a 50% tuition deposit before May 15th in order to secure their admission. The balance of tuition will be due by June 15th. Wait-listed students will be invited after May 15th as space allows.

Please note: it is in your best interest to begin your application early, since we cannot guarantee that we will respond in a timely manner in the days and hours right before the deadline should you need assistance in completing and submitting your application. Deadline extensions will not be awarded due to delayed email replies from the Preprofessional Dance Institute staff.

Here are the items you will need to properly complete this application:

    1. A recent professional headshot in color. It must be at least 300 dpi and less than 1MB.
    2. A one-page personal statement in PDF format.
    3. Video Submission:
      Given the impact of the pandemic on our dance life over the course of the past year, we do offer these special provisions for PDI 2021.
        1. If you do not have a current solo (from the last 6 months), you may re-record an older solo or construct an improv. It is important that your video is recent as we will want to see your current technical and artistic aptitude.
        2. Although we STRONGLY encourage you to submit studio footage (first preference) or home footage (secondary), we will accept a convention solo video (least preferable) as long as it is from within the last 6 months. Remember: It is to your advantage to use the most recent footage so that it represents how you dance currently.
        3. We understand that for some, recording in a studio will be difficult or impossible. You can record at home and it will not be counted against you. Just be sure it is recorded in a clean space without distraction. If the space is small, do your best to still dance full-out and with intention.

    VIDEO SECTION ONE (Filmed item #1)

      • A brief close-up shot of your face, from the shoulders up
      • Clearly state your full name, current city; state, region or province; and country of residence
      • Provide a brief history of your previous dance training
      • This section must be no more than 30-60 seconds

VIDEO SECTION TWO (Filmed item #2)

      • A prepared solo, either ballet, modern or contemporary, to musical accompaniment. The solo needs to be recent, performed in the last 6 months. 
      • State the title of the solo, the choreographer, and the composer of the music before performing
      • The solo may be original choreography or from standard repertory
      • The solo should demonstrate your artistic qualities and flow of movement
      • The solo should be approximately 90 seconds to 2 minutes maximum in length
      • You may record your solo at home or in a dance studio, or submit a performance video


      • You must be in a unitard, or tights and tight fitting top, or leotard that clearly enables the viewer to observe your technique
      • Do not wear skirts, loose fitting tee-shirts, leg warmers, or costumes
      • Do not wear jewelry
      • Wear clothing that contrasts with the filming environment so you can clearly be seen and stand out from the background


      • It is to your benefit to create the best possible conditions for filming.
      • Carefully consider your space; ideally, there should be enough room for you to move around.
      • Choose a place with minimal visual distractions for the viewer and as free as possible from ambient sound.
      • Ensure you have adequate lighting, especially from the front and side. Avoid placing yourself in front of a strong light source (for example, a window or an overhead lamp).
      • Be sure you are visible within the frame for the duration of the recording.
      • Do not move the camera around while filming (ie. do not follow the dancer around with the camera). Set it up at a distance far enough to capture the full performance and close enough to capture as much detail as possible.
      • Review your video before submitting to check for playback quality of the image and sound.
      • Professionally recorded video is not required.

4. Recommendation letter from your studio/school director, or a teacher who knows you well.

5. Updated contact info for the recommender in case follow-up information is needed.

Please remember to save your progress as you complete the various stages of the application. Nothing is submitted until payment is completed, at which point nothing within the application can be changed.

Thank you for applying, and please complete your application below.

If you have any questions, please message us in the chatbox below or email us and we will respond as quickly as we can.

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